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Certified Welding & Testing

Teacher Certification: The Weld Test Administrator Program (Texas Model)


This program trains and qualifies welding professionals on visual weld inspection and the implementation of welder qualification testing in accordance with applicable welding standards. Participants will obtain proper qualification and certification to witness welder qualification testing, visual inspection of test weldments and subsequent destructive testing of welded coupons. Upon the acceptance of the weld test supervisor, the instructor will fill out an application for certification by documenting all of the test data.


Candidates for this program must be teachers employed by a state funded educational institution with direct responsibilities involving the delivery of welding education. Teachers, regardless of experience, education or industry credentials, must attend a 24 hour welding examiner training course and complete the three associated examinations. Prior to submitting test evidence, teachers must complete a self-audit of their facility and submit the approval of the facility supervisor. A site visit from the test supervisor, confirming the validity of the self-audit, is required within three years of submission of the self-audit. It is the responsibility of the teacher to update the self-audit form if significant additions of equipment or structural changes are made affecting the program.

The Weld Test Administrator Training Course

The program begins with the 24 hour (three-day) workshop consisting of training in visual weld inspection, welder qualification, destructive testing in accordance with national and international standards for qualification of welders and examiners. The workshop covers:
  • The fundamental principles of common welding and cutting processes
    • Classroom theory and discussion of principles and instructional methods
    • hands on supervised practice in the weld lab
  • The use of welding and inspection codes, standards and procedures for qualification;
    • Applicable portions of AWS, API and ASME Standards
    • TEA Accountability Items (D1.1, D9.1, 1104, Section IX)
  • A review of CTE HB #5 accountability requirements:
    • AWS SENSE Program- Ed. Institution & Entry Level Welder Certification
    • NCCER- Level 1
    • AWS D1.1 and D9.1 Welder Qualification and Certification
    • API 1104 and ASME BPV Code Welder Qualification and Certification
  • The basic code acceptance requirements for visual inspection and destructive testing of welded test plates.
  • Describe a path for instructors to obtain certification to AWS, API and ASNT standards as welders and welding inspectors and for the subsequent certification of students to applicable TEA accountability criteria.
  • Learn how to maintain certification of personnel, use the web site, track student and teacher certifications and complete the program audit and accreditation requirements.


Upon completion of this program participants may obtain:
  • Certification as welders to applicable welding codes
  • Certification as inspectors to applicable qualification standards
  • Accreditation of welding facilities to state organization recommendations and requirements
Eligibility to participate in future programs for more extensive training and certification as:
  • CWB Certified Welder and Torch Operator
  • ASNT NDT Levels 1 or 2 in MT, PT, UT1, RI
Please monitor this site as training events, dates and locations become scheduled or often change with limited notice.

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