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Inspectors must remain active, and refresh training every three
years or click here to ask about re-cert by NOCTI testing.

Certified Welding & Testing

The Certification of Student Welders


This program utilizes the AWS B5.2 Specification for the Training, Qualification, and Company Certification of Welding Inspector Specialists to prepare teachers for visual weld inspection and welder qualification testing according to applicable welding standards. Participants must be properly qualified and certified to work under written practice TX-WP1-07 with “Active Supervision” of the test supervisor.


Candidates for this program must be employed by a contracted entity with direct responsibilities involving the delivery of welding education. Teachers, regardless of experience, education, or industry credentials, must attend a 24-hour welding inspector specialist training course, complete associated written and practical examinations, and maintain certification status in accordance with AWS B5.2.

Companies or schools seeking to participate in this program must be contracted clients of The Certified Welding and Testing Company and work in full compliance with the AWS 5.2 Specification, Written Practice TX-WP1-07, and corresponding documents to fulfill the welder qualification and/or certification requirements of the Texas Education Agency. Welding instructors, supervisors, or inspectors, who are employees of the approved company, MUST enter into training to achieve and maintain at least one of the following credentials prior to submitting qualification evidence:

Basis of Qualification:

  • AWS QC-1, Certified Welding Inspector or Associate, with applicable code endorsement(s).
  • AWS B5.2, Certified Welding Inspector Specialist or Assistant in full compliance with and TX-WP1-07.
  • ASNT-TC-1A, Certified Visual Welding Inspector Level Ir or IIr in full compliance with and TX-WP1-07.

Steps to begin:

  1. Attend a three day training session passing all associated exams- (Dates posted on this website)
  2. Conduct welder testing according to the most recent version of lesson plans on this website
  3. Fill out the newest version of the welder qualification application form found on this website
  4. Remain actively engaged by annually testing or attending training


  1. The lesson plans and application forms may be obtained on his website using the appropriate passcode assigned during training.
  2. Welder qualification/certification documentation are tracked on this website using the student ID number assigned during testing.

Required Information: (If any of the following information is missing, the application will be rejected)

  1. Student name and school ID number or similar number with at least 5 digits
  2. School name and mailing address if this is where correspondence is to be sent
  3. Test witness name (instructor) and contact information
  4. Test position, welding process and code to which testing was done. For groove indicate with or without backing. For fillet indicate with single pass or multi-pass.
  5. Indicate the welding test date which must be within 6 months of the date in which welder qualification test info is submitted.
  6. Indication the number of the lesson plan used during testing.
2024 Training Events
  1. Teacher, Welder, Inspector Certification Workshop
    R15 Del Rio
    June 10-12, 2024
  2. Texas A&M, Ag Days Teacher IBC Welding Certification
    College Station, TX
    June 17-20, 2024
  3. ATAT Summer Conference, One Day Welding and Cutting Refresher
    Fort Worth, TX
    July 22, 2024
  4. Teacher IBC Welding Certification
    Tarleton State U.
    May 29-31
  5. AWS CWI CWE Prep Class- Special Emphasis on Part B
    ESC R11 Fort Worth, TX
    June 26, 27
  6. TIVA Summer Welding Education Conference- Special Emphasis on AWS SENSE
    Dallas, TX
    July 14-19, 2024
  7. Teacher IBC Welding Certification
    ESC R9 Wichita Falls, TX
    June 5-7, 2024
  8. Teacher IBC Welding Certification- Special Emphasis on AWS SENSE, TIG, SS, Alum
    ESC R16 Pampa TX
    July 29-31
  9. Teacher IBC Welding Certification- Basic and Advanced IBCs
    ESC Region 20 San Antonio
    July 10-12
2024 Proposed Events
  1. For more information on training classes, email us at weldinfo@certweldtest.com
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