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Certified Welding & Testing

Lesson Plans

The use of Lesson Plans for the qualification and certification of welders

Lesson plans have been developed and approved to assist the teacher in administering welding tests for the certification of welders. The lessons are interpreted excerpts from applicable welding codes and are not to be altered without written approval from the test supervisor.

The lessons will provide step by step instructions on preparing test plates, welding, inspecting and destructively testing plates when required. The lessons also provide for logging the type of information needed to submit to the test supervisor regarding the parameters used during testing. Optional information can also be recorded on the lesson plan forms that can aid the teacher in tracking other information obtained during the weld test like compliance with safety, quality and shop workmanship requirements.

Lesson plans are provided for administering a wide variety of testing at all skill levels within the program, from tack welder, to fillet, groove and pipe welding. The lesson plans must be used in conjunction with an approved welding curriculum.

[These lesson plans, and content therein, are not welding codes and their use is for educational purposes only. Use of the lesson plans is in no way endorsed and does not imply certification, or approval in any way, by any organization that may be cited therein.]

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